Financial Technology

Complex FinTech made Simple

CEOs and Business Heads

Imagine being able to import financials, have the system analyze them and risk rate them, then recommend financing structures and pricing.

. Do you need a system that helps officers create, manage, and execute facilities and drawdowns quickly, efficiently, and error free?

. Are all Project Management transactions controlled centrally, risk rated accurately, financially modeled appropriately, whilst ensuring data sanctity?

. Are you in need of generating RORACs automatically at authorized and outstanding levels, with and without lifetime calculations?

. How will you process an increasing number of credits with a growth strategy, without impacting asset quality or adding material costs, with full control and speed?

Chief Risk Officers

Are you comfortable with your current level of impairments and ECLs? 

. Have you considered using controls such as TMRACs, forward-looking assessments, cashflow centric methodologies and AI Analysis?

. As a CRO, do you want a system that manages exposures and collaterals in line with your Risk Appetite Statement, and Credit Policies?

. Do you feel portfolio growth is supported by tools such as Portfolio Risk Ratings, Stress Testing, RAROC, Concentration Assessments, and Red Flags?

Do you have full configuration rights over PDs, LGDs, Risk Rating Scales, and Weights in your risk rating methodologies?

Chief Sustainability Officers

. All banks have to assess their clients and portfolios in terms of ESG Compliance as per IFRS and Central Bank Guidelines. 

. Normally this is a complex process that involves over 400 criteria including Taxonomy, Benchmarking, Transitioning and Credit implications. 

. Do you want a solution that can help you process these criteria in a controlled manner, and provide you with portfolio reporting including Green Asset Ratio?

. Do you want to incorporate credit related factors into the assessment?

. Do you want to capture disclosures across all industries and countries?

Chief Operating Officers:  

. Do you want a system to handle an increasing number of processes automatically, flawlessly, and quickly and manage both Makers and Checkers?

. Do you want automatic and centralized notifications to all internal users and clients, along with centralized client documentation and letters?

. Are you looking to enhance Collateral Management features including Margins and LTVs in a unified system?

. Imagine being able to produce extensive reporting and capturing live data in Dashboards and in Excel.

. Are you looking at managing exposures and capping them within countries, industries, products, collateral and other criteria?

Chief Financial Officers

. Are you able to capture data expediently, and calculate ECLs on selected portfolios efficiently for Obligor and Facilities, Authorized and Outstanding?

Is your ECL methodology centrally controlled, with sanctity of data assured, and forward-looking risk rating adopted?

. Are you able to use 20 years Transition Matrix to help maintain ECLs at appropriate levels?

. Are you able to use both Shift in Rating and Shift in Probability of Default as criteria for the calculation?

. Are you able to extract detailed reports with ECL by currency?

If any of the above applies to you, then please ....