Financial Consultancy

A comprehensive consultancy, from helping financial institutions to comply with the Basel Accords, Processes and Procedural Consultancy and Implementation, and Front (marketing and sales) and Back Office support.

6 Sigma Group’s Financial Consultancy Business offers Corporate Finance & Private Placement Consultancy, as well as Consultancy for Financial Institutions. Both types provide the following:

Consultancy for Financial Institutions 

  1. “Road to Basel Program”: Helps financial institutions in restructuring their organizations, developing Policies & Procedures, and changing their culture to better comply with the Basel Accords and Best Practices standards. 
  2. Portfolio Risk Rating: Assessing portfolio risk rating, validating risk rating systems, and stress testing the portfolio based on Basel Standards.
  3. Programs and Studies: Developing Product Programs, Industry Studies and Target Market Studies.
  4. Credit Process Auditing: Ensures financial institutions are practicing best in class analysis.

Corporate Finance & Private placements

  1. Corporate Valuations
  2. Financial Advisory Services
  3. Debt & Equity Structuring
  4. Private Placements

Credit Risk Management Work

Using Basel Accord’s 16 Principles of Credit, and adding 3 of our own, we are able to cover the two main aspects of Credit Risk Management: (1) Processes and Procedures and (2) Risk Management.  These cover all manner of topics from Governance, to Management and Portfolio Risk Control.  The latter involves PRR and RAROC calculations.

Our Scope of Work involves three phases:

Diagnostics > Detailed Plan of Action > Implementation

Essentially laying the ground to Execution, using Best in Class practices.