About Us

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6 Sigma Group was founded in May 2003 to provide Best in Class service to banks and corporates. It currently has 5 business lines:

  • Consultancy for Financial Institutions using the “Road to Basel “, an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program for the banking community as well as consultancy on Operational Risk Management including tools for Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) and Audit program on a SAAS basis.
  • Training and Development for Financial Institutions, covering both soft and hard skills. Training is done in a variety of languages.
  • Credit Rating Agency with specific emphasis on Corporate and Commercial Credits.
  • Credit Risk System a multi-lingual application that risk rates, automates credit, assesses industries & countries, incorporates TMRACS, facility structuring and RAROC, provides PRR and stress testing, and caters for IFRS 9.
  • Private Equity Business that caters for middle market companies seeking strategic investors and for businesses seeking evaluation and/or financial support.

Our head office is in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), with offices in Beirut, Lebanon and Atlanta, GA, USA. “6 Sigma Group” also has representatives in Turkey, France, Germany, Central America, and Africa.

A sample of some of the projects undertaken to date includes the following:


  • “Road to Basel Accord” consultancy for 5 financial institutions;
  • 3 Year Strategy Plan for a bank in Bahrain;
  • Diagnostics for financial institutions in Kuwait, Qatar and Lebanon;
  • Retainership for Financial Advisory in the Media Sector;
  • Retainership for Financial Advisory in the Telecom Sector;
  • Creating a feasibility study for a leasing program;
  • Industry studies and product programs for banks in the region.


  • 12-18 months Induction and Management Associates Programs;
  • Four to six weeks Credit & Relationships Management Programs;
  • Risk Management Workshops;
  • SME Credit and Portfolio Management;
  • Early Problem recognitions and Remedial Management;
  • Strategic Salesmanship and Marketing;
  • Due Diligence Training and Corporate Valuations;
  • Treasury Management Simulation Game;
  • Introduction to Investment Bank and Wealth Management;
  • Introduction to Derivatives and Capital Markets;
  • Real Estate Lending and Finance;
  • International Trade Services and Products;
  • Structured Trade Finance;
  • Islamic Finance;
  • Leadership Skills;
  • Managing People.

Equity Structuring

  • Gulf-wide Media Group Consolidation and Merger with third party;
  • Investment due diligence on behalf of an investment company in Abu Dhabi;
  • Investment due diligence for an IT company in Dubai;
  • Investment due diligence for a merger within the media sector in the UAE;
  • Investment due diligence for an acquisition of a PR company;
  • Investment due diligence for a merger within the media sector in Egypt;
  • Due diligence on a potential acquisition of an exchange house;
  • Purchase due diligence of a ready-mix cement producer;
  • Sale of a manufacturing company in Dubai;
  • Sale of a medical centre in Dubai;
  • Sale of a fashion house in Dubai.

Debt Structuring

  • Debt structuring on behalf of a project in Abu Dhabi;
  • Legal due diligence for a company in Abu Dhabi;
  • Arranging credit facilities to a manufacturing companies in Dubai and Saudi Arabia;
  • Arranging a Factoring of Receivables program for a regional telecom company.

Credit Rating Agency

  • Credit rating and facility structuring for medium sized companies in the region;
  • Portfolio evaluation for a banks in the region.

Credit Risk Management System

  • Being used by various banks in the region.