6 Sigma Training & Development provides both Consultancy and Training services that are Best in Class and in line with international benchmarks and standards.

We develop and deliver training programs that are hands-on in nature and tailor made to the institution’s Policy and Procedures. These are delivered using both e learning and physical deliveries by experienced bankers.

You Don’t Have the Critical Mass to Conduct Internal Trainings?

Then enlist your candidates into our public programs to cover such needs.

We also work closely with our clients to develop tools that enable them to:

  • assess technical competencies across the whole credit hierarchy using our signature e-quiz platform and personal interviews;

  • identify gaps and potential training needs to fill them

  • provides assistance in developing Training Needs Assessments across the whole organization

Please take a tour of our website 6 Sigma Training and Development or contact us on bassam.hayek@6sigmagrp.com

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