• Our line of expertise covers a wide spectrum of specialties in areas if Risk Management, Corporate & SME Relationship Management, Operations, Treasury, Investment Banking, Private Banking, Retail and Consumer Finance. This is in addition to a range of soft skills across many fields.
  • Our clients are widespread, covering three continents. Our delivery is in many languages, including English, French, German, Turkish and Arabic.
  • Our delivery is either tailor-made to individual institutions or provided on an Open Forum basis. All exercises are live cases, and all the workshops are interactive. We measure progress through quizzes and tests and provide reports to clients on participant aptitudes.
  • We also offer e learning as stand-alone or supplementary training.
  • All courses are assessed through e-quizzes covering 32 different subjects.

Some of the Programs:

  1. Basel Accords: An Awareness Program 
  2. CRM — Accounting, Financial Analysis, Credit Risk, Credit Presentation
  3. Credit Application and Presentation 
  4. Applied Financial Analysis & Credit 
  5. Advanced Financial Analysis & Basel Accord 
  6. Strategic Marketing and Account Planning 
  7. Syndications and Agency Workshop 
  8. Corporate Valuations 
  9. Early Problem and Remedial Management 
  10. Accounting Fundamentals for Fresh Graduates 
  11. Introduction to Trade Products 
  12. Introduction to Contractor Finance 
  13. Management Associate Program
  14. Credit Certification Programs
  15. Leadership and Management Skills Workshops series
  16. Communication and Interpersonal Skills Workshop series

Please take a tour of our online training programs as well on credit-risk-store.com or contact us on ramzi.watfa@6sigmagrp.com

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