“We have enjoyed the relationship we have built with 6 Sigma, both during our Processes and Procedures overhaul and during our corporate/credit workflow evaluation/implementation. I am sure there will be future projects for which we will need your assistance.” Nada El Zein – Head of Credit Review, First National Bank, Lebanon.

6 Sigma Support

“Our 6Sigma Account Officer is supporting us and working for ongoing development. The support is covering all queries helping in data entry (if needed), training, solving problems and working on new proposed tasks or requests. I find our account officer ready at anytime for our need and can successfully solve some small issues on the spot.” Credit Risk Team – Risk Management Department, Creditbank sal, Lebanon.


“Our search for a long-term solution to our Credit Risk Rating was streamlined and concluded by landing into 6 Sigma’s solution. 6 Sigma’s CRMS is simply head and shoulders above the competition. In short, we would be happy to recommend 6 Sigma to any financial institution considering upgrading to a highly competent Credit Risk Management system.” John Chalouhi – Head of Risk Management, First National Bank, Lebanon.

The PRR module on its own is enough to justify adoption of this system by any bank, regardless of its size or needs. CRMS caters to most banks’ needs.” Ghinwa Jomaa – Senior Credit Manager, BCN, Lebanon


“You were the best, and not only me who said that, all of us (MA 6) said the same. You taught us things no one else could teach, because simply they don’t know. I wish you all the best, and hope to see you soon.” Aous Chaalan – Account Officer, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, UAE

“I’m writing to you to thank you for all the things that I have learnt from you while taking the course of CRM with you back in 2012 which have pretty much paid off and have benefited me in many ways. My letter is short to avoid taking your time but my gratitude is beyond what words can tell. Thanks & Wishing you the best, Mansour Alajaji – CBG, SAMBA Financial Services, Saudi Arabia

”A very good quality training and professional organization — the training was carefully prepared and thought out. Despite the experience of the attendants in the subject of cash flow analysis, the training has allowed us to become acquainted with alternative views on the issues at hand. The workshops were tailored to the needs of the participants — practical exercises thoroughly explained, a lot of examples provided in an efficient pace.” Karim Seifedin – Head of Corporate Team, Credit Agricole, Egypt.

“An excellent training focused on practical skills. The trainer perfectly blends his scientific interest with business experience from his extensive experience in corporate banking. As for me: this is how all courses supported by practical workshops should look like. The perfectly prepared workshop focused on exercises for the participants. Practical training aspects outweighed the lecture parts which I think was a strongest point of the training. The trainer’s robust background and his banking skills were in my opinion an added value in this specific training as he was able to answer questions beyond the scope of the workshop.” Suha Hallab – Unit Head, BLOM Bank, Lebanon.

First let me thank you for the excellent presentation and the flow of added values and credit information. Second I already requested that all my team of Team Leaders and relationship managers to join this course in addition to Risk officers. Third I have a problem now that I really dislike the traditional presentation of facilities I receive from my staff and can really smell the fake financials. Need your support to keep on pushing on providing this kind of technical courses that we really miss. FYI I had a 12 days international seminar in Luxembourg last winter and by far what you offered is much much more beneficial. Mohamed Bishara – Sector Head Enterprises Banking, Credit Agricole, Egypt

“The training was precise, delivered very professionally and concise fashion. We appreciated the way credit risk and exposure were inter-related in a way that aimed at safeguarding our overall portfolio rating.” Razvan Ionut, Manager, Credit Risk Monitoring Division, Bancpost, Romania