6 Sigma Group offers Credit Risk programs and online courses for individuals or companies within the banking sector, to develop and enhance their knowledge / understanding on Credit Risk.

Through the many years of experience and knowledge within banking field, as well as building a huge name within the Middle Eastern market, 6 Sigma Group has developed E – Learning solution for all levels.

From Aspiring Bankers hoping to start a career in banking, to Seasoned Bankers looking to enhance their strategic banking and credit analysis expertise, 6 Sigma’s E-Learning solution targeted to all levels.

Modules such as ‘Credit Risk Management’ and ‘Financial Analysis’ are just a few examples of the e-courses provided by 6 Sigma Group.

Six e-courses are distributed through three levels of experience:

Aspiring Bankers (Entry Level E-Courses):

  1. Essentials of Accounting
  2. Financial Analysis
  3. Credit Application Basics
  4. Corporate Valuation

Medium-level Bankers (Intermediate E-Courses):

  1. Financial Analysis
  2. Credit Risk Management
  3. Credit Facility Structuring
  4. Credit Application Basics

Senior Bankers (Advanced E-Courses):

  1. Credit Risk Management
  2. Portfolio Risk Rating and Stress Testing

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