Credit Controller and Trial Balance Module

This Application enjoys two main features:

  1. A fully automated credit analysis system which quantifies the credit risk of counterparties and on its basis concludes with a recommendation of adequate credit terms (credit limit amount, tenor and credit support elements). This is done with (a) exclusively fully automated processing of data, and (b) using multiple data sets including financials to create the rating. Typically, such a credit analysis is performed with every new relationship, and at least once a year for the on-going relationships.
  2. A permanent monitoring and alert system which detects and alerts users within days from any event with potentially negative impact over their payment behavior (like for instance a new insolvency litigation in court or a new payment incident recorded with the Payment Incidents Bureau, etc.), thus giving users early warning signs of potential collection problems. This allows for timely decisive actions (blocking/cancelling credit limits, accelerating collection of outstanding debt, etc.) when the investigations identify serious credit issues.

What’s Most Unique

  • The application is aimed at both companies extending credit to other companies, or banks seeking to identify acceptable credits in the market.
  • This entire process is done with minimal manual intervention, and at very high speeds.
  • Pricing plans are flexible providing each user with a breadth of options.
  • User friendliness is a cornerstone of this offering, with access available from various devices.

Learn more about Prometheus 

Prometheus is a fully digitalized professional credit risk assessment system.

The system operates with minimal manual intervention, acquires data digitally and produces both a credit assessment and recommendation for exposure, tenor and adequate support.

The Trial Balance Module is a user-friendly automated converter of trial balances to Balance Sheets and Income Statements, along with the production of Ratios.