Rudolf Demper brings with him extensive experience in Operational management of financial institutions acquired during many international assignments with a large international bank across corporate, investment and retail banking business channels which included Audit, Operations, Disaster Recovery, Business Support, Infra-structure and Programmed Management.

His line management assignments in Asia, the Caribbean and Europe, aided by the introduction of new and/or enhanced technology have consistently achieved successful restructuring of the entity’s operational base, its processes and its support functions.

After leaving Citibank in 2005, Rudolf became a Consultant advising various banking clients on End-to-End process transformation, Operational risk, and Controls predominantly in the Middle East.

Having completed his Business Studies in London (UK), Rudolf joined Citibank Paris in 1972 as a trainee in Operations. He was subsequently selected for their international Audit Division where he spent 5 years performing numerous audits in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa. In 1976, based in Australia his mandate was to set up an audit program for the bank’s entities in the southern Pacific.

In 1978 Rudolf joined Asia Pacific Capital Corporation in Hong Kong, a leading regional Investment Bank majority owned by Citibank. As Company Secretary he was initially responsible for all business support, finance and HR functions, adding the Operations Head role in 1980 to his remit of the rapidly expanding business franchise facilitating consolidation and upgrading of functions.

Between 1982 and 2005, further international Operations management assignments followed with Citibank in the Netherlands Antilles (4 legal entities including off-shore booking centres), Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich), Portugal and the UK. In every assignment Rudolf completed transformation of the entity’s operations and associated infra-structure working closely with the business, product management, and finance, risk and technology areas.

The spectrum of activities included the creation of new legal entities, centralisation and regionalisation of functions, product re-design, implementation of core-banking or dedicated product system solutions, disaster recovery (process, systems, and infrastructure), business relocations, the introduction of the EURO currency and IBAN in Europe.

This required thorough business product and transactional analysis.  The approach being a precursor for process and systems solutions changes allowing the relevant franchise to achieve productivity, quality improvements and compliance with (local and cross-border) regulatory authorities.

As a Consultant, Rudolf first contracted with Fidelity Investments as a Director of Internal Consulting in the UK completing a number of process improvement initiatives. Since 2008 various operational risk and transformation mandates have been completed with leading banks in the Middle East, Egypt, the UAE and 4 years with Riyad Bank in Saudi Arabia.  The latter as the Senior Advisor to the Executive in charge of the Operations Division.

During his 4 years with Riyad Bank, Rudolf’s main responsibility was to develop and drive execution of various Operations Transformation initiatives initially with a focus on the Treasury Operations and Cash Management products processing areas.  These were followed by Operations leads in Anti-Money Laundering/Sanctions/Compliance and various Central Bank driven initiatives, interspersed with ad-hoc tasks. The variety of activities provided a platform for mentoring graduates and managers. Accomplishments included:

  • Selection of a new Treasury system; completion and approval of its business case for the required investment; interim management of the project; and on-going advisory.
  • Design and implementation of a phased Transformation program for a centralised Payments Operations, including front to back Business Process Management (BPM) solutions.
  • Analysis, proposal and high level plan for a phased implementation plan of the consolidation of retail banking operations units.
  • Led a redesign of the Case Management process for high volumes Central Bank requests.

Currently leading a team designing a generic customer on boarding solution with integrated AML/KYC Compliance and Risk Assessment & Scoring functionality.