Founder of 6 Sigma Group and Managing Director of 6 Sigma Financial Consultancy

Ramzi is a veteran of the banking industry since 1983. He started his career in the City of London with the Royal Bank of Canada, and was instrumental in introducing what was then a first class MIS asset management system into its Europe, Middle and Africa region. Ramzi then joined the marketing team in the UK targeting large UK national companies.

He was later posted to Dubai in 1987, with responsibilities for handling branch operations, and corporate and financial institutions accounts for the Royal Bank of Canada across the Middle East and Africa. Ramzi later joined Citibank in 1995, and left Citi to establish 6 Sigma Management Consultancy in 2002, having managed the business as Corporate Bank Head for the UAE, and earlier as a Corporate Finance Head for the country.

6 Sigma Management Consultancy then turned into 6 Sigma Financial Consultancy (DIFC) then into 6 Sigma Group, with offices in Dubai, Beirut, Jordan, Bucharest, and Istanbul. Ramzi is a graduate from London University, with a Masters in Management Science from Imperial College, London and a Bachelor in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science from King’s College London.

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