Peter Woods has 40 years banking experience, spread over 50 countries, of which 28 years have been in Risk Management.  He started off his career with Lloyds Plc in the UK, working mostly in Retail and SME financing, Workouts and Leasing.  In 1987 he joined Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) in the Credit Risk Area, dealing with Credit Policy and as a transaction Approver.  With SCB Peter has lived and worked in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Dubai and spent time in both Retail, SME and Wholesale Banking.

During various assignments in the risk area, including as the CRO of a $100bn assets size bank, Peter has had exposure across the risk spectrum dealing with many projects and issues from Acquisitions to Zimbabwe.  The range of markets he served were very broad in terms of clients, geographies and products; including Basel, Portfolio Management, Acquisitions and due diligence.  Peter’s exposure has afforded him very practical world class skills in all areas of Risk Management, in both conventional as Islamic financing.

Since leaving SCB he has worked as a consultant in the Middle East with assignments covering Portfolio Review, Strategy, Account Planning, Capital Efficiency, Risk Based Pricing, and Basel Models, amongst others.  As part of his most recent assignment Peter updated his client’s risk policies, practices and underwriting standards.

Peter provides an ingrained knowledge of risk practice and theory combined with exceptionally deep hands-on experience across all areas of risk and account management.