Daniela Niculescu is a proven professional in banking, with 20+ year expertise in commercial and SME areas.
She is known for her expertise in management and creating businesses from scratch, developing successful growth strategies, through outstanding sales, and delivery of complex projects.

Daniela held various positions with local and international banks in Romania since 1993. She was the first Romanian employee of Citibank Romania in 1995, where she held various roles in Customer Relationship Management.

She has an extensive SME expertise with management position at BRD SocieteGenerale, Banca Trasilvania and Alpha Bank, and she was part of the team launched the very first SME dedicated product in Romania. In her various positions, Daniela was responsible for setting up the SME business strategy, responsible for its growth and performance.

Her recent work in Romania, was the credit analyses and credit administrations functions centralization, while he was the SME Director at Alpha Bank.

Daniela is also known asa founder of the John Maxwell Team Romania and a certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach. She is well-known for developing and conducting workshops on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Public speaking and How to make a successful presentation, Personal Youth and young professionals Development. She developed one of the very first Youth and Student Personal Growth program for high schools and university students, which is run in different high schools.

Daniela holds a Bachelor of Science in Computers and Robots, various Diploma in Economics, along with a Master of Human Resources.She has also been a presenter at a number of conferences and universities.