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6 Sigma Group was founded in May 2003 to provide Best in Class service to banks and corporates. It currently has 5 business lines:

  • Consultancy for Financial Institutions using the “Road to Basel “, an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program for the banking community.
  • Training and Development for Financial Institutions, covering both soft and hard skills. Training is done in a variety of languages.
  • Credit Rating Agency with specific emphasis on Corporate and Commercial Credits.
  • Credit Risk System a multi-lingual application that risk rates, automates credit, assesses industries & countries, incorporates TM RACS, facility structuring and RAROC, provides PRR and stress testing, and caters for IFRS 9.
  • Private Equity Business that caters for middle market companies seeking strategic investors and for businesses seeking evaluation and/or financial support.

Our head office is in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), with offices in Beirut, Lebanon. 6 Sigma Group also has representatives in Turkey, France, Germany, USA, Central America, and Africa.

A sample of some of the projects undertaken to date includes the following:


  • “Road to Basel Accord” consultancy for 5 financial institutions;
  • 3 Year Strategy Plan for a bank in Bahrain;
  • Diagnostics for financial institutions in Kuwait, Qatar and Lebanon;
  • Retainership for Financial Advisory in the Media Sector;
  • Retainership for Financial Advisory in the Telecom Sector;
  • Creating a feasibility study for a leasing program;
  • Industry studies and product programs for banks in the region.


  • 12-18 months Induction and Management Associates Programs;
  • Four to six weeks Credit & Relationships Management Programs;
  • Risk Management Workshops;
  • SME Credit and Portfolio Management;
  • Early Problem recognitions and Remedial Management;
  • Strategic Salesmanship and Marketing;
  • Due Diligence Training and Corporate Valuations;
  • Treasury Management Simulation Game;
  • Introduction to Investment Bank and Wealth Management;
  • Introduction to Derivatives and Capital Markets;
  • Real Estate Lending and Finance;
  • International Trade Services and Products;
  • Structured Trade Finance;
  • Islamic Finance;
  • Leadership Skills;
  • Managing People.

Credit Rating Agency

  • Credit rating and facility structuring for medium sized companies in the region;
  • Portfolio evaluation for a banks in the region.

Credit Risk System

  • Being used by various banks in the region.

Equity Structuring

  • Gulf-wide Media Group Consolidation and Merger with third party;
  • Investment due diligence on behalf of an investment company in Abu Dhabi;
  • Investment due diligence for an IT company in Dubai;
  • Investment due diligence for a merger within the media sector in the UAE;
  • Investment due diligence for an acquisition of a PR company;
  • Investment due diligence for a merger within the media sector in Egypt;
  • Due diligence on a potential acquisition of an exchange house;
  • Purchase due diligence of a ready-mix cement producer;
  • Sale of a manufacturing company in Dubai;
  • Sale of a medical centre in Dubai;
  • Sale of a fashion house in Dubai.

Debt Structuring

  • Debt structuring on behalf of a project in Abu Dhabi;
  • Legal due diligence for a company in Abu Dhabi;
  • Arranging credit facilities to a manufacturing companies in Dubai and Saudi Arabia;
  • Arranging a Factoring of Receivables program for a regional telecom company.

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