Gilbert Doumit, a senior associate of 6 Sigma Training & Development, is also a Senior Partner at Beyond Consulting and Training. Gilbert facilitated a systemic implementation of cultural change and organizational development strategies for multiple local and multinational companies in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Gilbert brings 10 years of experience in management consulting and training in the private, public, civil society and international organizations in Lebanon and the Middle East. He is renowned for his dynamic, experiential and creative methodologies in building people capacities and organizational philosophies.

He is also a Soft Skills Training Specialist in a wide range of topics. He is well-known for developing and conducting workshops on Leadership, Lobbying and Influencing Skills, Entrepreneurship, Change Management, Human Resources Management, Training Skills (TOT), Team Dynamics, Creativity and Interpersonal Skills, in addition to topics related to Democracy and Citizenship Education, Youth Participation, Intercultural Learning and Conflict Resolution.

Gilbert is a founding member and Honorary Secretary of Injaz Lebanon, a chapter of JA Worldwide. For this organization, Gilbert developed sustainable human and fundraising systems and positioned Injaz as the number one economic and entrepreneurship education organization in Lebanon. He is also a founding member of Nahwa Al-Muwatiniya and has been involved with a number of NGOs in Lebanon and the Middle East.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with focus on Hospitality & Tourism Management, in Social Community Organization with a focus on Interpersonal Development, along with a Master of Business Administration degree from ESA specializing in “Training as a Mean for Human and Organizational Development”.

He has also been a presenter at a number of regional conferences and universities, and has published series of manuals related to interpersonal skills development, citizenship, dialogue and youth participation.

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