Welcome to the 6 Sigma Credit Risk Master, better known as CRM. The system was created to provide risk ratings for Corporate and Commercial obligors. It was also designed to be a single platform for both relationship and credit officers within a bank.

In essence, the system was designed to be a practical tool across the entire credit and marketing hierarchy. In view of its diverse functions, the system is one of a kind.

Current Features and Benefits
Basel Accord CompliantUser FriendlyEfficient & PracticalFuture EnhancementsFlexible Reporting
Web-based Centralized ControlsEasy screen accessMulti-lingualIndustry StudiesAll reports are either Exported, or Printed. These include:
Forward LookingDrop Down MenusAutomated Credit ProcessingClassification ReportingThe Obligor Information Report (OIR)
Centralized Economic and Industrial AssessmentsFlexible Navigation and AdminUses Templates for Term LoansCall Reporting and Sales ManagementThe Executive Credit Memo
Portfolio ManagementPlug & PlayCaptures SMEsStrategic and Target MarketingThe Full Credit Memo
Compatible with our Consultancy and Training OfferingsCreation and Management of Product ProgramsSummary of Terms and Conditions
Financial Institution Analysis and Risk RatingRisk Rating Summary


Current Main Tasks
1. Financial Modeling & Analysis
2. Qualitative Ratings
3. Risk Rating
4. Credit Automation
5. Portfolio Risk Rating and Stress Testing. The latest PRR module provides the following:
 a. ORR and FRR distribution 
 b. Concentration Risk calculation and listing 
 c. Excess Utilization calculation and listing 
 d. Capital Adequacy Standardized and IRB 
 e. Assessment of impact of IFRS 9 
 f. RAROC and RORAC calculation 
 g. ICAAP matrix of various cuts with Authorized Limits and Outstandings 
6. Target Market and Risk Acceptance Criteria controls
7. IFRS 9 ECLs Calculation & Reporting
8. SME friendly
9. Strong Security and Admin Features covering both Institutional and Corporate Clients


The system is also designed to be leased or bought outright, depending on budgets and strategy. The system is also offered in modular form, with financial institutions already using an existing risk rating system are able to benefit from the credit processing capabilities of the CRM.


Value to our Clients
Risk Rating Methodology and Managing Credit RiskRegulatoryEfficiencyDelivery of ServiceCentral BanksValue Addition
1. For all banks that do not have a centralized risk rating system, or have an internal one that is run on excel; CRM is a system that complements all their corporate and commercial credit risk management needs and beyond.1. For banks that have an external system but need a Validating tool.1. For credit automation and control / management of the decision making process; hence, improving revenue to expense ratios. Doing credits manually and checking on the data input manually is highly inefficient.1. For all banks that need to know how much clients need (short and long term), how much to give them, and how to price it. Again unique to our system.Central Banks need the PRR and Stress Testing reports to audit banks. Again unique to our system.The beauty of CRM is: we are bankers serving bankers. We bring to the table a lot of experience and can manage any delivery or consultancy. This provides banks with a seamless end to end solution to their credit needs.
2. For producing Portfolio Risk Rating in order to manage their portfolios. This is a must for ALL banks in line with the Basel Accords, and a process which is missing from almost all other risk rating systems.2. For Stress Testing ALL banks portfolios. A must by Central Bank, Basel and IFRS 9, and a tool that most other systems do not offer.2. For ALL banks that need to use TMRACs for managing their offerings. These are necessary to manage the PRR over time, and are required under Basel and IFRS 9 directive for specialized product offerings and for the creation of Industry Studies and Product Programs. These have to be managed in an automated fashion, which most other systems do not offer.2. The system is scalable and covers all bank sizes.
3. To seamlessly apply Basel’s Principles for Managing Credit Risk throughout the entire credit hierarchy.3. For calculating IFRS 9 impact. All banks need this and fast.3. For providing access to MIS and data collection across all sections of a bank, in various locations, in various countries and in various languages whilst maintaining the same process and credit risk control. No other system offers this.

To have a look at what we have to offer, click on the video below to view our Demo CRM site.

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